Direct Target Marketing

We work tireless to show local Moms all our Partners.  The majority of our readers are busy moms with children from 0-16 years of age! These moms depend on the Kid's Directory each month for products, services, activities and events in the area for their growing families!

      95% of our readers are female
      94% are 25-45 years old
      65% have incomes over $55,000
      85% are homeowners
      80% are college educated
      60% use daycare

Targeted Distribution 

Our directories are strategically placed in venues and businesses where busy parents are likely to be.  Our unique distribution in doctors offices the past 30 years is where moms take kids, doctors offices often.  This means that your message will be put in the hands of consumers who have a need for your products or services!

FREE Social Media and Internet Presence

We use a combination of a Printed Directory, Virtual Directory, Website, Social Media, Monthly Newsletter to our Moms, Yearly events like Fall Festival, Summer Camp Expo and others to let moms know about all our Partners. 

Effective Distribution

Our “pick it up” distribution system is the most effective method to reach new customers. Your money is invested--not wasted! We hand deliver the Directory each and every month so we can adjust each month where are the best places to have the Directory. Taking in account any school break and where moms will visit more certain times of the year. Example: flu season- doctors office, spring break- Zoo, Kid Mania and many others. 

Portable Size

The convenient size of the Kids’ Directory® fits perfectly into a purse, diaper bag, or glove box allowing busy parents to easily access the resources they seek anytime and anyplace. It’s easy to use and easy to keep so your ad will always be working for you! Statics show mom keeps the Directory up to 3 months as a daily resource to plan her family life

Advertising You Can Afford

We believe you will find advertising in the Kids’ Directory® to be the most cost effective way to reach your target audience. Put us up to the others our FREE Social Media, Partner Perks and outside of the Box advertising is a steal of a deal compared to our competitiors. We are a family of Partners helping each other along with all our resources to help your business be a daily thought in moms minds in the DFW Area. 

Better Response

Ask our advertisers - most will tell you they get their best results from the Kids’ Directory®.

Your Ad IS the Content

We are a Resource Directory. We want mom to keep us with her so no distracting articles or other items to convince mom to put us down. We focus on being a life line to our Moms so our Partners get noticed. 

Impressive Color

Never pay extra for full color in the Kids’ Directory®!  Your message will be displayed in full color for no extra charge.  Studies prove color works better!

It Works

Our publication is backed by a proven track record. We have more than 60 Sister Publications throughout the nation. Our national publisher, Hidden Values Inc., has more than 30 years experience in the target marketing industry. For more information email us or check out one of our sites