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A Mom's Experience at Plano Crayola Experience

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

This place was amazing and so much fun. Infants, toddlers, and even older children will love all of the bright colors and different ages will enjoy it in different ways. Hours of fun for the children. I arrived at the Crayola Experience with my 2 and 4 year old on a Monday at 11am and left at 1:30pm. We definitely could have spent a lot more time there. There were a lot of school field trips there but it never felt too crowded. Everything was spread out and extremely clean. Getting an annual pass definitely seems like the way to go.

When we walked in, we received two tokens per child - one token you use at the Wrap it Up Station to create a personalized label for a crayon and you get to name it whatever name you would like. Children get to choose from probably 12 different colors and then put a personalized name/label on that crayon. You can use the other coin to purchase some modeling clay that is even better than Play-doh. It doesn’t make a mess at all. They have tons of tables and tools the children can use to make creations with it. These are both great souvenirs to take home.

They have a really cool little movie in the inside theater. It lasts about 20 minutes but you get to see some animation and a live person showing you how crayons are made. It was even interesting for the parents. There’s tons of seating. There’s also playscapes for the kids to climb on – a parents dream. They have 2 playgrounds, one for ages 2-4 and the other is for 5-12. My kids ended up playing in it for over 45 minutes and I had the chance to sit.

A lot of the exhibits are animated, visual, and involve technology. Both children really enjoyed getting their pictures taken and turned into black and white coloring sheets. Another cool station had kids coloring cars or clothes, scanning the design into a computer, and seeing it come to life on the big screen. The rainbow screen was popular, as was the crayon dance. I really enjoyed that it’s educational too.

The Crayola Experience is committed to kid’s creativity. My kids and I had a great time. Hope you can check it out and have a colorful day also!

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