Children's Aquarium at Fair Park

Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park

By: Amy McCoppin of

When looking for an activity to do with family and friends, it comes down to a number of factors: price, fun level, and is it good for all ages?  The Children’s Aquarium of Fair Park has all the bases covered!  We took a group including adults, teens, and toddlers that enjoyed the viewing exhibits to several interactive areas with touching sea life to feedings as well!

As you begin in the lobby, there is an interactive exhibit right off the bat that allows you to touch starfish and large snails guided by friendly staff.  You then venture around the viewing exhibits that are large and filled with aquatic creatures from the seas and lakes around the world. The glowing moon jellyfish were a huge hit with the toddlers and the shark exhibit had the teens entranced in an area where you could view closely or sit back to see all the wonders at ease.   Stingray bay was a must stop filled with the largest snapping turtle we’ve ever seen to being able to feed the stingray by hand, all ages can participate!  The exhibits and the amazing knowledgeable staff allow for hours of fun to be had at our local Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park!

Helpful Tips:  Feedings of the aquatic creatures happen daily at 2:30p.m.  The aquarium is located within fair park right next to the lagoon, a perfect place to enjoy lunch and you can bring your own food and drinks with you.  The aquarium offers the best price for season passes anywhere for only $20 adults and $15 kids annually; if you think you’re going to go more than twice in a year this is a great deal.

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