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Since mid November, our mailbox has been flooded with catalogs showing off their holiday specials.  I was trying to come up with ways to use the catalogs rather than just throwing away or recycling and thought of this fun craft!  A Christmas list made out of pictures from the catalogs!

My daughter just turned 4 and can’t quite write out a Christmas list, but I still wanted to give her the opportunity to show me what she would like for Christmas!  We spent a couple nights looking through the catalogs circling things that she may want, and then while she napped I cut out all the pictures.  I set out all the pictures, glue, and poster board for her and then she went to town pasting the pictures to her unique Christmas List!   It was a fun craft and easy to do, we keep it hung on the fridge for her to show off to all our family over the holidays.

Tip:  Look through catalogs that wouldn’t necessarily have just kids’ toys, like Home Depot or Dick’s sporting goods.  There are many things to use such as camping gear, telescopes, and more that you may not even have known your child was interested in using or doing!

How to make a Catalog Christmas List


· Catalogs

· Glue

· Scissors

· Poster board

· Pen or Pencil

Start with spending time with your child looking through the catalogs and circling things that they may want for Christmas.  Then cut out the pictures yourself or if your child is old enough, let them cut out the pictures.  Set up an area with the picture, glue and poster board, I usually demonstrate first and then let my kiddo do the rest.  Enjoy the Christmas List for yourselves and then make more to give your family for their requested lists too!

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