Dallas Zoo Play date!

Group play date at the Dallas Zoo was a huge success. We woke up and spontaneously decided it would be a great idea to take 3 toddlers to the zoo. We pilled up in my Honda Pilot which seats 8! We picked a great day, no lines and we entered the zoo in minutes. The staff was super welcoming and friendly. Going with toddlers you generally just go with the flow. Never really knowing which one is going to be having a moment or needing a diaper change. So we decided to visit the DINO exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs which the Dallas Zoo is hosting until September 2nd. The kids loved it! It was a great space to let them out and RUN. They got to see a huge T-Rex, Pterodactyl, and so many more fun dinosaurs that moved and RAWR’D. They were even able to play in the sand and uncover fossils. There is also a super fun train ride that my train obsessed toddler just had to do. It takes you on a trail around the animatronic dinosaurs which he really enjoyed.

We decided to move indoors and take a break from the heat (which was surprisingly not that bad) and check out the reptiles and amphibians exhibit. We walked through Crocodile cove and headed to the snakes. We did a quick lesson on what to do if you see a snake and enjoyed the Fast Facts above each snake.

We decided it was a good time to eat with the LIONS over at the Serengeti Grill. We enjoyed the kid friendly environment that allowed us moms a chance to eat while the kids were entertained by the lions. The food was filling and reasonably priced. I bought my son a chocolate pudding cup that was made in house but he was too busy playing to even want to sit still long enough to eat it. So I ate it and let me tell you it was delicious! We left just in time to watch the elephants enjoy a good splash!

We finished off the day at the Lacerte family children's zoo. They have a great area for the kids to splash around in, which is where my son spent his time. He didn't get out until we had to leave. His friends were able to check out the petting zoo area where they have goats that you can brush and hang out with.

Overall it was a great day with even better company. I would recommend taking a group of friends and just spending the day letting the kids lead the way. We will be back soon to check out all the exhibits we did not get a chance to see on this trip. We wold love to check out the Cheetah encounter and Lemur lookout on our next visit. Don't forget the sunscreen, hats and water!

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