• Amy McCoppin

Did you Call Santa on your Cell Phone?

Amy McCoppin with Freemycity.com

Santa and the spirit of Christmas are in full swing around our house from decorations to crafts, it’s time to celebrate!  We like to gear up around the 1st of November and then continue the festivities for almost 2 months to encapsulate the holidays to the fullest!  There are so many events to attend around DFW, but how can you bring the magic of Santa and Christmas into your home? 

                Technology has made this an easier task, you can call Santa on the phone to have a quick chat or even get a personalized call from the North Pole,  turn yourself into an elf dancing movie, and even do a facetime with Santa, all from the comfort of your living room.  The best part about all these options is that they are FREE!  If you have a cell phone, you are ready to make the magic happen!  Look below for links to use and numbers to call to make this holiday season amazing for you and your family!

Call Santa: (951)262-3062 or (319)527-2680

Facetime: Download the app “Message from Santa!”

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