• Amy McCoppin


Updated: Oct 17, 2019

By Amy McCoppin with FreeMyCity.com

I’m always looking for an activity or event that can keep my child engaged without me needing to be hands on the entire time, Playstreet Museum Irving offers just that!  The events are always well organized, provide everything needed to complete a special project, and offer a free snack for your child.   Look out each month for a themed event especially with the upcoming holidays, silhouette pictures, meeting with Santa for Christmas, and unique Easter egg decorating,

Last week, the specialty event was painting a personal zoo animal, super cute, and then when finished off to playtime in the awesome college themed mini town.  My daughter was able to start with the painting and then find buddies to explore the town for almost 2 hours without any help from mama.  From the discovery rug area to the cafeteria serving up play food to the color changing lights, there is something for all ages.

Tip:  Block out about 1 ½ to 2 hours each visit to Playstreet, there are so many things to do and the discovery rug area changes frequently giving each visit a new experience.  To save money look out for their passes that save you over 25% per visit!

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