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Enjoy the Texas Discovery Gardens plus Free State Fair Tickets

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Me:  "Do you know how butterflies get the colors on their wings?"

Daughter(age 3): "How? Tell me!"

Me:  "Fairies come in the night and paint them one by one."

The scientist at the Texas Discovery Gardens shaking his head in disapproval, but then following up with a huge smile! Priceless!

The Texas Discovery Gardens are a beautiful venture any time of year, whether its hot or cold the butterfly house flutters on!  Bring a picnic to slow down the day and soak in all your surroundings, they are that beautiful!  A whole day can be enjoyed strolling the exhibits from the snakes to the butterfly house to the picturesque gardens filled with flowers.  If you are only expecting to see a couple of butterflies here and there, get ready to be blown away by them surrounding you everywhere, a sight not to miss. This is a great way to explore nature in a gorgeous setting in the middle of DFW! 

TIP: At the Discovery Gardens, discounts are available daily for large groups, first

, military, and teachers. On Tuesdays, a new program called "pay what you wish admission" gives you the opportunity to visit at a discount or pay a little more to help the facility grow into more. 

If you are looking to go to the State Fair for FREE for the whole family, it can be as easy as purchasing a basic year membership to the Texas Discovery Gardens! For a family membership that costs $150 for 4 adults and all children and grandchildren, you get year round access to the gardens that also includes up to 6 tickets for 1 day at the State Fair making this membership a great value!

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