Fall in Love with DFW KD's Fall Fest

It's official, fall has puked all over my house. This may be a less than pleasing analogy but as kids, when my mom would decorate the house for the holidays my angelic siblings and I would always say "It's like Santa Claus puked all over the house", just as a nice little poke at my mom's love (obsession) with anything Santa and Christmas. I am here to say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree people!! I have gone a little crazy and begun filling my home with pumpkins, decorative corny words like "Gather", light-up fall leaf garlands (don't you worry I'll attach a photo with links) and cute scarecrow families etc. Okay okay let's be honest, Hobby Lobby has puked all over my house.

Since fall is officially in the air (at my house), the next to-do on my list is to start planning my fall activities: the State Fair, trips to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving, bath and body works fall candle sale, designated movie nights for Disney's 31 Nights of Halloween and my annual trip to DFW Kid's Directory Fall Festival at the Dallas Farmers Market.

I don't know about you guys but fall is my favorite time of the year and DFW KD's Fall Festival is the cherry on top. I'm at the ripe old age of 24, which means I don't have access to my school's harvest fest anymore, so I absolutely make it a priority to attend the Fall Festival October 19th. Whether I'm working it or attending with some kiddos, I always make sure to come out and enjoy the season and the cool weather.

This festival will make all your fall dreams come true. Not only is it at the Farmers Market, my favorite place on the planet, but its 100% family friendly. DFW KD brings all my fall faves right to our backyard: delicious fall treats, arts and crafts, fall decorations and beautiful colors for the perfect Instagram shots. Last year I attended as a vendor which is great news for me because this year, I'm going to shop at the other fabulous family business vendors throughout the Farmers Market. The best part of all is that it's for a good cause. The Fall Fest is great for every age, free to attend, and open to the public. For admission, all they ask is that you bring along individually packaged snack donations for the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas.

Tis the season of giving so why not "treat yo self" to the Fall Fest and keep it guilt free by donating to a great cause. Come on out October 19th from 10 am- 2 pm. I'll be the one stuffing my face full of the best food there is, feel free to come join and share the load with me!

Happy Fall Y'all!

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