How to Know if your Child is Ready for Overnight Camp?

It seems like just yesterday, your little one was starting school! You know that summer is approaching in just a few short months, and now we’ve reached the next big question - is your child ready for overnight summer camp?

It’s hard to know how a child will react to being away from home, and really, it comes down to each child individually. Some more mature younger children might be able to handle it, and some older, less mature children might not. It’s up to you to discern how your child might react.

The good news is, by school age, most children have what they need to have a blast at summer camp - and there are some discernible, definite ways to check if they’re ready and prepare them for the experience!

How does your child do with sleepovers?

Sleepovers can be a great indicator of how your child will operate at summer camp. If they’re comfortable sleeping away from you, then that may be a great signal that they’re ready. If they aren’t terribly comfortable or somewhere in the middle, there’s time before summer to get them used to the situation. Organize fun sleepovers with family members, and branch out to friends, and most children will eventually adapt to being away from home for short periods!

How’s their reading? When sending them away from home, you want them to be able to read the camp schedule and directional signs. How well do they take care of themselves? Can they bathe and take care of basic hygiene on their own? You’ll want your child to be comfortable looking after themselves on their own for a short time.

If you’re worried about homesickness, you can always prepare some letters ahead of time and send them along for your child to read. This can be super helpful for Mom and Dad AND your little one, as our anxiety about letting them go to camp can be as great as theirs!

Summer camp can be your child’s next big adventure, and we find that most school aged children have the capacity to enjoy summer camp. Want a camp that’s specifically designed to uplift your child?

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