• Amy McCoppin

Not your average princess party, dreams do come true!

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

When booking a princess meet and greet, you wonder, "Will this be any good, is it worth it?" Yes, yes, and yes! Feeling Fanciful transports you into a princess movie right where you stand, leaving you in princess awe. Your guest of honor is the star, but every guest gets one-on-one attention that makes the experience pure magic! Get ready to have your expectations surpassed!

From the anticipated graceful entry to the sing-song voice greetings to the interactive games, the princesses radiate the world of princess perfection. The individual performances of the character specific songs to the crowd makes you stop and stare into the beauty like, “is this really happening?” I've seen performances of princesses dancing to music and lip syncing, but not one that sang themselves with elegant movements that could make you believe this is the real deal. We had the opportunity to also do make-a-wish tattoos and royal dance lessons that were a big hit with the girls. Every moment in the 2 hour visit with the big and little princesses was filled with activities, smiles, and laughter!

Tip: Watch the movie, read the book, listen to the music of the princess or character you have reserved. This will enhance your child's experience knowing all about the character. These are not your average princesses they know their character, ask away with the questions, it's so much fun to hear their cute answers.

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