Trip to Frontiers of Flight Museum

First off, I want to keep the Frontiers of Flight Museum a secret!! The Flight Museum was not crowded at all when we went Tuesday after school. So it was easy to let your kids roam around and still keep an eye on them. The kids area is somewhat contained so that was a bonus!! One great thing about this museum is that it’s good for such a broad range of ages. My children were 3 and 4 ½ years old.

It was really nice for the kids to run and play. They got all of their energy out running around to the different little areas and climbing up a big radio control tower that they had. They also got to watch the movies and walk inside of airplanes which was the highlight of their day.

This is a perfect outing for a little one who loves all things airplane and helicopter related. I'd recommend this to anyone! It’s fun for both parents and children.

One of our Many Moms! Jen B.

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