Why Women Become Surrogates

By Shiva Landry with www.sharedconception.com

Women who decide to become surrogates often love being pregnant and experiencing the miracle of childbirth but are finished having their own children. They also genuinely love the idea of helping a couple have a child and creating families. 

While surrogates are paid generously for their time, it's rare and almost impossible to find a surrogate who is only in this for the money. Surrogacy is a way to help bring life into this world and build a family that otherwise could not happen. 

  A woman might decide to use a surrogate for several reasons. She may have a medical problem or condition that prevents her from carrying a child. Other women choose surrogacy after trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant with a variety of assisted-reproduction techniques (ART), such as IVF. More commonly, women may never know why they cannot become pregnant, and surrogacy is their light at the end of a long and emotional tunnel.

Surrogates have also made parenthood an option for people who might not be able to adopt a child. Reasons could include age, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. 

Every journey is different. Some surrogates will be happy to have the parents present in the delivery room, while others may request privacy for all or parts of the labor process. Shared Conception will efficiently help in making these arrangements. 

Assuming a happy and healthy birth occurs, the parents get to hold the baby soon after the birth. Surrogacy is certainly a voyage that impacts all parties involved. It is a dream that becomes a reality whereas before, it didn't seem possible! 

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