Worried about home schooling? Star Tutoring can help.

DFW schools are implementing distance learning methods and these changes may cause undue burden on parents who are not able to provide daily child care and/or homeschool-style instruction. Additionally, many students do not have the Executive Functioning skills to successfully execute the organization, planning and self-direction needed for online schooling.  Star Tutoring Centers can help.

ONLINE AND DISTANCE-BASED SUPPORT: We are now offering online sessions via Zoom (secure online video conferencing).  Using tech that seamlessly combines real-time video chat and digital whiteboards, our tutors can continue to teach concepts in ways that are similar to face-to-face instruction!

For the current time, we are continuing to offer in-center support on an as-scheduled basis. We sanitize workstations and school supplies after every session with an approved alcohol-based cleanser.  Hand sanitizer and hand washing facilities are readily available. Our workstations are currently arranged such that there is 12-15 feet between other clients and the only personal interaction closer than that should be with your tutor

Thank you for your trust. Please let us know how we can support your student's educational pursuits during the upcoming weeks.

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